EchoPanel® Palace

EchoPanel® Palace

EchoPanel® Palace presents gentle linework on acoustic walls that induce serenity through arcs and archways of architecture and art deco motifs.

Each precision cut acoustic panel has a chamfered edge ideal for panel-to-panel wall applications. EchoPanel® is Global GreenTag™ certified with a Platinum Product Health Declaration, low Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC), Red-List free, and has published ingredient transparency through Declare. 



Length: 2750mm (+/-2mm) Width: 1100mm (+/-2mm)

Thickness: 12 & 24mm (+/-7%)




WEIGHT: 7.1KG PER 12mm PANEL  (+/- 10%)


COLOURS: Available in any of the 12 & 24mm EchoPanel colours 



AS 1530.3  

ISO 9705: Group 1  

BS EN 13501.1: Classification B - s1, d0  

ASTM E84 Unadhered: Class 1 or A0


Sound Absorption Test Method:

AS ISO 354: 2006 (R2016)
ASTM C423 - 17
AS ISO 11654: 2002 (2016)


Weighted Alpha Coefficient (αw):

Direct fix: 0.30 (MH), 20mm air gap: 0.45 (MH), 50mm air gap: 0.60 (MH)


Sound Absorption Average (SAA):

Direct fix: 0.43, 20mm air gap: 0.61, 50mm air gap: 0.75


Noise Reduction Coefficient (NRC):

Direct fix: 0.45, 20mm air gap: 0.60, 50mm air gap: 0.75


Sound Absorption Class:

D (Direct fix)
D (20mm air gap)
C (50mm air gap) 

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