• EchoPanel® Acoustic & Pinnable Panelling

    EchoPanel® Acoustic & Pinnable Panelling

    The Mitchell Group is the leading distributor for EchoPanel® acoustic and pinnable panels. We sell a range of product suitable for acoustic walls, ceilings, screens and pin boards.

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  • FENTE Caddy™

    FENTE Caddy™


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Plastic Laminate and Perspex Brand Logos



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Mitchell Group Plastics, Acrylics and Laminates Australia - Perspex Acrylic, Coloured Perspex, Laminate Panels, Kitchen Doors, Benchtops, PVC Foam, Splashbacks, Fluteboard, Plastic Laminate Sheet Products, Polycarbonate, Cabinet Hardware, Cast Acrylic, Echopanel and Adhesives & Cleaners

Mitchell Group are an Australian wholesale distributor of Perspex Acrylic products for kitchen, shop fitting and design industries. For Laminate perspex acrylic and plastic laminate sheet products in Australia or New Zealand us and we'll be happy to assist.

Mitchell Group - Laminates & Plastics

The Mitchell Group is an Australian family owned specialist wholesale distributor and supplier of essential products for the kitchen, joinery, shop fitting and design industries. At Mitchell’s we believe in building relationships, not just with our customers, but also our suppliers. Over the last 65 years Mitchell’s have established strong relationships with some of the world's leading manufacturers allowing us to offer a unique range of top quality brands including;

  • Laminex® & Formica® Panel products
  • Perspex® Acrylic sheet
  • Euromir® Mirrored Acrylic sheet
  • Alifrost® Aluminium frame doors
  • Echo Panel® Acoustic & Pinnable Panels
  • Stylelite® Gloss panel products
  • Hettich® Hardware

About the Mitchell Group

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Click to use our colour selector  to view the colours available for the various Laminates and Plastics we offer. The colours shown below represent a selection of coloured sheets available in our Acrylic (Perspex® acrylic & other branded acrylic), Aluminium Composite and PVC ranges.

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Colour Selector

Contact Us

32-38 Redwood Drive, Dingley VIC 3172
Telephone: (03) 9558 0800
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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