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Eleganz® Solid Perspex® Doors

Eleganz® Solid Perspex® Doors

Eleganz® solid Perspex® acrylic doors offer style, shine, quality and constant colour right through the door.

They are ideal for your kitchen, bathroom or alfresco area as they are hardwearing, durable, moisture proof and hygienic.   Eleganz® solid Perspex® doors are made to any size to suit your design requirements and can easily be drilled for hinges and handles.

The doors and panels are available with a range of edge treatments making Eleganz® solid Perspex® doors the finest quality high gloss kitchen doors & drawers in the market

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*Conditions apply with guarantee. 10 year guarantee applies to Perspex® grade acrylic only and excludes hardware & fixing methods.

Key Features

  • 18mm thick genuine Perspex® acrylic
  • colour all the way through, not coated or laminated.
  • Hardwearing
  • Hygienic
  • 10 year guarantee*
  • Easy to maintain

Typical Applications

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