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Perspex® Coral

Perspex® Coral

Perspex® Coral echoes the dramatic textures and effects growing in tropical coral reefs. It has a deep, rich, textural 3D effect, giving it a subtle, intriguing appearance. When changing your perspective it appears to dance and ripple across the surface.

Perspex® Coral is the ultimate expression in customised solutions, with specially adapted minimum order quantities to meet your project needs. 

Ideal for adding an exclusive look to retail interiors, give style and substance to architectural installations or add a twist of individuality in statement furniture pieces, Perspex® Coral is the perfect material to inspire truly unique 

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Key Features

  • Distinctive 3D metallic effect
  • Effect appears to move subtly with changing light and perspective
  • Infinite colour possibilities
  • Carries the Perspex® 10 year guarantee internal or external
  • Custom colour matching service available


For more information on this product please contact us on 03 9558 0800 or email