Italian Handcrafted Jewellery

Italian Handcrafted Jewellery

Many designers have been inspired by the creative potential of Perspex acrylic, including the Italian design duo, Fiorella and Pamela Adreani. For over 25 years, the Adreani sisters have been using Perspex acrylic to create the unique Adreani Gioielli line of jewellery and accessories which are decorated and finished with Swarovski crystals and sold worldwide.

Fiorella first began to experiment with Perspex cast acrylic sheet for jewellery design when she was studying at the European Institute of Design in Milan. She later began to experiment with authentic Swarovski crystals on the jewellery, and after seeing the unique way these materials worked together they became an integral part of her designs. After spending many years shaping, cutting, decorating and transforming the material, Fiorella now defines herself as a ‘handcraft master’ of Perspex.

Perspex acrylic is the chosen material for their line of jewellery not only due to the thermoformability and smoothness of the material, but also its durability and the way it retains its beauty over time, providing artistic versatility.

To complete the pieces, they are all engraved with the letter ‘A’, as a signature mark from the company logo. Adreani Gioielli jewellery pieces appeal to all tastes from ultra -modern to sleek and contemporary.


Client: Adreani Gioielli
Designer / Fabricator : Fiorella Adreani
Solutions Used:  Perspex Clear, Perspex Opal/White, Perspex Solid & Translucent colours