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Laminex® Doors & Panels

Laminex® Doors & Panels

1.Laminex Doors & Panels
With over 170 contemporary décors to choose from, including solid colours, woodgrains and patterns, achieving your vision for inspirational interiors is surprisingly easy.

2. Contour Finedge Doors
As well as being highly resistant to moisture and scratching, our Contour Finedge Doors have a sleek range of profiles, including 3mm, 7mm and square edge, to give cabinets, drawers and joinery a seamless appearance.

3. Silk Finish Gloss Panels
With a rich, glossy finish, this unique range of panels is ideal for doors, drawers and other vertical surfaces. In fact, they have been specifically selected to coordinate with our range of Gloss Vinyl Doors for a totally flawless look.

4. Vinyl Doors
Laminex Vinyl Doors boast the perfect blend of form and functionality. They have smooth lines and an easy to clean surface. And can be perfectly matched to our Silk Finish Gloss Panels for seamless interiors.

5. ColourTech Painted Doors
Featuring highly advanced 2 pac polyurethane paint, this range offers outstanding steam and moisture resistance. And the latest in contemporary colours from the Laminex Colour Palette.

6. Impressions Textured Doors & Panels
Laminex® Impressions™ textured doors are a contemporary option to the door range, that will add extra
dimension to any space and enhance the aesthetics of existing décors.

7. Timber Veneers Panels
Laminex Timber Veneer panels are the stylish alternative to solid wood. Brimming with unique and exciting design possibilities this stunning collection offers as extensive range of colours, textures, grains and ranges to help create a truly inspiring space.

8. Compact Laminate
When it comes to the most demanding environments, our Compact Laminates are tough to beat. They boast a distinct black core. And provide the perfect balance of strength and beauty.


For details of the full colour range of Laminex® doors & panels please refer to the Laminex® Brochures below

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