Laminex® Benchtops & Laminate

Laminex® Benchtops & Laminate
Impressions Textured Surfaces Spark Finish
Laminex Impressions textured surfaces add extra dimension to any space. The striking realism of Spark finish evokes the natural beauty of sparkling quartz grains embedded in stone.

180fx Surfaces
Featuring an unprecedented large scale design, Laminex 180fx captures the beauty and magnitude of natural stone in six dramatic stone patterns.

Laminex Laminates
Choose from over 200 contemporary décors in the Laminex Colour Palette to create your ideal interior scheme. You'll find every design and colour imaginable; everything from sunny yellows to stormy greys, as well as a selection of elegant timber-inspired woodgrains and patterns.

Squareform Benchtops
With the look of a stone slab and the practical benefits of a laminate, our Squareform Benchtops give your interior surfaces a stylish and uniquely modern edge.

DiamondGloss Surfaces
For interiors with perfect polish, nothing outshines DiamondGloss Surfaces. Superior to traditional gloss laminates, they boast brilliant lustre and exceptional scuff resistance.

Freestyle Curve Solid Surfaces 12mm
Freestyle Curve is a 100% acrylic thermoformable solid surface, fostering even more inventive designs with seamless joins.

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