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Formica® Benchtops & Laminate

Formica® Benchtops & Laminate

Decorative Laminates (benchtops)
Formica® Decorative Laminates feature a modern mix-and-match collection of solids, patterns and woodgrains. The range includes over 130 modern colours to suit a wide variety of benchtop and vertical surfacing applications.

Europa™ Laminates (benchtops)
Formica® Europa™ laminates deliver international interior style at affordable prices. Ideal for benchtops in kitchens, bathrooms and laundries, this practical range can also be used for vertical applications.

AR Plus® High Gloss Laminates (benchtops)
Formica® AR Plus® is the superior high gloss laminate for modern interiors and renovations. With greater abrasive and scuff resistance, surfaces will maintain their shine over standard gloss laminates, while a modern range of stunning decors will help you create beautiful colour schemes.


For details of the full colour range of Formica® please refer to the Formica® Brochures below

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