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MitchLite PVC Foam

MitchLite PVC Foam

MitchLite is Mitchells own brand of high quality rigid PVC foam core panel that has been manufactured for colour & consistency. 

MitchLite is a high density, brilliant white (lead free) or deep black product, with a standard semi gloss satin finish.

MitchLite is lightweight, completely waterproof and extremely adaptable PVC product which has a range of applications only limited to your imagination.......

MitchLite does not require any specialised cutting rooms or areas on commercial building sites, unlike other products like MDF. 

This solid coloured product is a cost effective and easy to fabricate (cut, nail, drill, glue and join) solution for a multitude of applications. No fear of Pest attacks this Super Product can even be recycled and its easy to apply paint, laminate, veneers, or vinyl adhesives.

Product Thickness Size
MitchLite Semi Gloss Satin - White  16 & 18mm  2440 x 1220mm
MitchLite Semi Gloss Satin - Black  16 & 18mm  2440 x 1220mm

Key Features

  • high density
  • brilliant white
  • waterproof
  • High Impact Strength
  • Lead & Cadmium free (white only)

Typical Applications

For more information on this product please contact us on 03 9558 0800 or email

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