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Perspex® Spectrum LED

Perspex® Spectrum LED

Perspex® Spectrum LED is a specialist cast acrylic sheet with optimised colour performance created to meet the needs of today’s sign market. It enables sign makers, specifiers and designers to enjoy the benefits of LEDs and create elegant solutions that are cost and eco-efficient, whilst enhancing intensity and colour.

Optimised for use with white LEDs, the 11 standard colours which make up the Perspex® Spectrum LED range have a bold intense reflected colour in daylight, and when lit can be used to create bright, evenly illuminated signs, with a slim profile free from hot spots thanks to their excellent diffusing power.     Perspex® Spectrum LED is not only for signs – it is the ideal material for any illuminated application including point of sale, lighting luminaires, directional systems, interior design and architectural installations.

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Key Features

  • Consistent bold colour when illuminated
  • Optimised for white LEDs
  • Standard range of colours
  • Excellent outdoor weathering and durability
  • Carries the Perspex® 10 year guarantee
  • Custom colour matching service available

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