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Perspex® Glass-Look

Perspex® Glass-Look

This special grade of Perspex® was developed to provide a “glass look” product to offer designers all of the benefits of cast acrylic, whilst giving the appearance of glass. It provides the perfect choice in today’s modern displays where clean lines and minimal appearance are required.

With half the weight of glass and five times the impact strength of traditional float glass, Perspex® 6T21 Glass-Look is the ideal alternative – it gives greater design flexibility and can be easily machined, fabricated and installed. 

Perspex® Glass-Look is available in a wide range of thicknesses and finishes, including gloss, Frost and Impressions Linear.

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Key Features

  • The look of glass, the benefits of acrylic
  • Half the weight and five times the impact resistance of glass
  • Available in a variety of surface finishes
  • appearance of green tint glass.
  • Carries the Perspex® 10 year guarantee

Typical Applications


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