Perspex® Colour Matching Service

Perspex® Colour Matching Service

Perspex® acrylic sheet is made by the cell cast process.  The advantages of this production process over continuous casting or extrusion are that Perspex cell cast sheet has optimum mechanical and physical properties, allowing us to give our customers the confidence of a written guarantee for use both indoors and outdoors in Australia.

In addition to such exceptional quality, the cell cast process has a big advantage in that the batch sizes are significantly smaller than the other manufacturing methods.  This enables us to offer a colour matching service with a small minimum order size of only 19 sheets (= 114 square metres) and a quick leadtime.

If you have a corporate or retail project and would like to discuss a bespoke colour tailored to your requirements, please contact us on 03 9646 7877 to find out just how easily we can make it happen. 

Key Features

  • Can colour match almost any colour
  • Unsurpassed batch-to-batch colour consistency
  • Small minimum order quantities
  • High quality raw materials
  • Carries the Perspex® 10 year guarantee
  • Free service (conditions apply)

Typical Applications

For more information on this product please contact us on 03 9558 0800 or email