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EuroMir® Fabback® Colour Mirror Acrylic

EuroMir® Fabback® Colour Mirror Acrylic

EuroMir® FABBACK® silver acrylic mirror is made from OPTIX® continuously processed acrylic sheet. With the process of vacuum metalizing, each sheet is given a mirror finish that is protected by the industry’s toughest, most durable backing.

The durability of the EuroMir® FABBACK®  back-coating makes Plaskolite mirrored sheet virtually scratch-resistant during fabrication processes. As a result the reflective qualities of EuroMir® FABBACK® are second to none. EuroMir® FABBACK is ideal for slat walls, point-of-purchase displays, casinos, children's toys, cosmetic displays and food service applications. .

We also supply mirror adhesive which can be used to adhere Euromir® to timber, plywood, concrete, without affecting the backing of the mirror. Please go to the product range Adhesive & Cleaners for more information.

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Key Features

  • Tough back coating 
  • Safer alternative to glass
  • lightweight and possesses excellent shatter resistant qualities
  • during fabrication it resists abrasion whilst being handled.
  • Can be used in the food service industry or areas where safety is of prime concern.

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