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TensorGrip® L32 - Melamine & PVC

TensorGrip® L32 - Melamine & PVC

TensorGrip L32 High Strength General Purpose Contact Adhesive

It may be used to form high strength bonds with gloss laminates to particle board and MDF substrates. Plywood, many plastics and including PVC edging and a wide range of other materials may also be bonded easily using TensorGrip L32.

ALWAYS test TensorGrip L32 to determine suitability for your particular application prior to use in production.

NOT RECOMMENDED for use with plasticised vinyls, flexible plastics, expanded/extruded polystyrene, PE or PP.

*Note spray gun & hose set sold separately

Key Features

  • Fast Application - speeds up production
  • Airless - reduce power usage and save money
  • Adjustable Spray Pattern - no overspray
  • Fully Portable - easy to use on site or in workshop
  • Non Flammable Adhesive - safer to use and store
  • Eco Friendly - Completely recyclable canister
  • High Temperature Resistance
  • Very High Solids - high yield and coverage (up to 230m2)
  • Low Maintenance - reduce down time in cleaning

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