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TensorGrip® L10 - Laminate adhesive

TensorGrip® L10 - Laminate adhesive

TensorGrip L10 Laminate grade adhesive

TensorGrip L10 is a high performing laminate grade adhesive with a non flammable solvent composition. It may be used to form high strength bonds with laminates to particle board and MDF substrates.  Plywood, many plastics and a wide range of other materials may also be bonded easily using TensorGrip L10.

*Note spray gun & hose set sold separately

Key Features

  • Fast Application - speeds up production
  • Airless - reduce power usage and save money
  • Adjustable Spray Pattern - no overspray
  • Fully Portable - easy to use on site or in workshop
  • Non Flammable Adhesive - safer to use and store
  • Eco Friendly - Completely recyclable canister
  • High Temperature Resistance
  • Very High Solids - high yield and coverage (up to 200m2)
  • Low Maintenance - reduce down time in cleaning

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