Adhesives & Cleaners

Adhesives & Cleaners

Mitchell Laminates carries a range of high quality glues, cleaners and repair kits, specifically designed for the trade to bond and repair a wide array of Perspex® acrylic, decorative laminates, melamine board, wood and wood based panel products.

Each adhesive has been developed and selected to suit most applications required by cabinet makers, joiners, furniture manufacturers, post-formers and builders.
The following product groups are available in Mitchell Laminates Adhesives range:

• Contact Adhesives

• Thinners and Cleaners

•Scratch Remover Kit for PERSPEX®

• PVA's and Water Based Adhesives

• Starstuk Ahesives

For more information please visit one of our showrooms or phone one of our friendly sales staff on 03 9558 0800 (Dingley) or 03 9646 7877 (Port Melbourne)

  Perspex® Acrylic

EuoMir® Mirror Acrylic

Foamed PVC Rigid PVC Laminate Hi Gloss Laminate EchoPanel® MDF 
Stylelite® AliFrost® Doors
TensorGrip® L10                    
TensorGrip® L17                    
TensorGrip® F30N                    
Tensorgrip® L31                    
Anglosol® 1200                    
Anglosol® 700                    
Sabre Bond                    
Vuplex® Cleaner